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Safety instructions


1. The developer must identify a responsible person from the installers team and provide his contacts to ensure control over compliance with the safety and security rules.

2. The developer is obliged to provide JSC NEC "Uzexpocentre" 10 working days before the installation of the stand with a list and copies of passports of workers (installers) to obtain permits for work in the pavilion and exhibition areas.

3. The builder is obliged 10 working days before the start of installation to provide all information about the stand being built (stage and exhibition design of the pavilion, stand plans, specifications of the materials and decorations used, as well as the wiring diagram) for approval for compliance with fire safety rules.

4. The developer, when arranging technological, exhibition and other equipment in the premises, is obliged to provide emergency exits and passages in accordance with design standards, as well as leave passages to fire shields and cranes. Developers are prohibited from cluttering the passageways with furniture, cabinets, equipment, various materials, as well as blocking the doors of emergency exits, arranging thresholds, turnstiles, sliding, lifting and revolving doors and other devices that impede the free evacuation of people on escape routes.

5. All approaches to the primary fire extinguishing equipment must always be free and not cluttered.

6. Smoking is prohibited on the territory of the exhibition areas, except for specially equipped places.

7. It is forbidden to use combustible materials that have not been treated with flame retardants for decorative, acoustic finishing of walls, ceilings of pavilions and exhibition areas.

8. Wooden structures of the stage box (grids, suspension bridges, working galleries, etc.), combustible decorations, stage and exhibition decoration, as well as carpets, draperies, curtains and various curtains in the auditorium and exposition halls, foyers, buffets must be treated with flame retardants. The developer must have an appropriate act of the organization that performed this work, indicating the date of impregnation and its validity.

9. Wooden structures, decorations and fabrics treated (impregnated) in accordance with regulatory requirements after the expiration of the treatment (impregnation) and in case of loss of the fire retardant properties of the compositions must be processed (impregnated) again.

10. Electrical installations must be installed and operated in accordance with the "Electrical Installation Rules", approved by the order of the head of the State Agency for Supervision in the Electricity Industry (No. 84 of February 13, 2004), the rules for the technical operation of consumer electrical installations (No. 207 of May 21, 2004), safety regulations for the operation of consumer electrical installations (No. 271 of August 2, 2004) and other regulatory documents.

11. Electric motors, control devices, ballasts, control and measuring and protective equipment, auxiliary equipment and wiring must have a design and degree of protection corresponding to the class of the zone according to the "Rules for Electrical Installations", and also have protection devices against short circuit currents and overloads.

12. When operating electrical installations, it is prohibited:

use electrical appliances and devices in conditions that do not comply with the recommendations (instructions) of manufacturers or have malfunctions that can lead to a fire, as well as operate wires and cables with damaged or lost insulation properties, use twists;

use damaged sockets, knife switches, other electrical installation products, etc.;

install sockets, automatic switches, knife switches, etc. on a combustible surface.

13. Electrical wiring must be made in a protective corrugation or boxes, with the obligatory provision of copies of the dialing reports.

14. Only electricians of JSC NEC “Uzexpocentre” have the right to connect the electrical part of the power supply to the network.

15. Developers are forbidden to use camping, gas and electric welding, as well as to carry out any kind of hot work inside the pavilion and exhibition areas.

16. It is forbidden to bring pressure vessels, as well as flammable, toxic substances and materials into the pavilions.

17. When performing installation (dismantling) work, to protect against the impact of negative factors in the production environment, to reduce the risk of injury and prevent the development of occupational diseases, all personnel must wear protective clothing for the intended purpose, depending on the type of work.

18. Work at height must be carried out in the presence of a person responsible for the performance of work.

19. When performing work performed at height using ladders, scaffolding and lifting mechanisms, it is necessary to use safety devices and personal protective equipment.

20. Perform work with a serviceable tool.

21. When working with cutting power tools, use personal protective equipment (PPE), turn off power tools and other electrical equipment during your absence.

22. It is forbidden to remove covers and protective devices on the tool and other equipment used, as well as to use damaged discs, saws and other equipment.

23. When performing loading and unloading operations, observe safety regulations.

24. In the case when the installation of the stand requires the process of painting (by spraying), it is necessary to cover the place of work with a film.

25. Developers inside the pavilion are prohibited from cutting chipboard, chipboard, MDF.

26. If the installation of the stand requires fastening to the high-rise trusses of the pavilion, only the installers of JSC NEC "Uzexpocentre" have the right to carry out fixing work upon prior request.

27. Developers are prohibited from using drywall in the construction of the exhibitor's exposition.

28. Developers are prohibited from using the grinder inside the pavilion and exhibition areas.

29. During the period of installation work, the builder's specialists who are in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication are not allowed to perform installation work.

30. The developer can use the inventory of JSC NEC "Uzexpocentre" by paying the amount in advance, in accordance with the "Standards".

31. When decorating standard stands, the builder must use a high-quality oracal (self-adhesive film) that does not leave traces of glue and dirt on the exhibition equipment.

32. The developer bears full liability for damage to the property of JSC NEC "Uzexpocentre" and other exhibitors.

33. If the above or other elementary safety and security rules are not observed, Uzexpocentre NEC JSC (after agreeing with the organizers in advance) has the right to suspend installation until the violations are eliminated.

34. The developer undertakes to bring the elements of the stand into the territory of Uzexpocentre NEC JSC within the agreed timeframe for the start of installation and take them out no later than 2 days of the last day of dismantling, as well as release and restore the provided exhibition space to its original state within the established time frame.

35. The Developer undertakes to reimburse Uzexpocentre NEC JSC for all losses that may arise due to the direct fault of the Developer.

36. The Developer undertakes not to transfer the rights and obligations of the Developer to third parties without the written consent of JSC NEC "Uzexpocentre".

37. Participants who ordered a closed, unequipped exhibition space from the Developer are not entitled to use standard exhibition equipment (Octanorm and Maxima types) as elements of individual stands without agreement with Uzexpocentre NEC JSC.

38. The developer undertakes to hand over the rented stand equipment in its pure form (without pasting with oracal, sticker, tape).

39. The developer is responsible for the improper use of exhibition space, property of JSC NEC "Uzexpocentre", and exercises control over compliance with technical safety requirements.

40. If the Developers violate the above safety and fire safety rules, Uzexpocentre NEC JSC draws up an act indicating the violations. On the basis of the Act “On Violations”, the Developer is fined in the amount of up to 100 (one hundred) minimum wages, and the Developer is included in the “Black List”, according to which the Developer loses the right to build on the territory of JSC “NEC “Uzexpocentre” within 3 (three ) years.

Opening hours for the installation and dismantling of exhibition stands from 09:00 to 18:00

HSE Engineer - Juraev Shukhrat Khabibullaevich

Phone: 71 234 53 41 +998 90 354 36 05

Civil Protection and Safety Engineer - Bagadirov Kholmat Olzhabayevich

Phone: 71 238 56 04 +998 90 900 62 72

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