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A full-fledged advertising company is a complex impact on the target audience, which covers all spheres of influence on potential consumers/visitors. The implementation of large-scale promotions often causes difficulties for advertisers, in view of the abundance of promotion channels and the wide format of advertising media, since it is impossible to do without the participation of professionals and specialized equipment. LLC "EXPO DESIGN STUDIO" provides a wide range of services for the preparation and placement of advertising on the territory of the NEC "Uzexpocentre" and the city of Tashkent.

“Advertising is not an exact science. This is an offering. And suggestion is an art that brings money! The success of an advertising campaign largely depends on the quality of individual elements, technical equipment and other factors that are often invisible against the backdrop of the main idea. LLC "EXPO DESIGN STUDIO" provides the following range of services for the implementation of advertising activities:

LED monitors. You have the opportunity to place your advertisement on the LED-monitor installed on the Malaya Ring Street of the city of Tashkent, opposite the shopping arcade "Malika" (op-r supermarket "Korzinka"). Excellent contrast, high resolution and brightness of the image will not leave anyone indifferent.
Exhibition stands. Professional production of exclusive exhibition stands from scratch, including design, decoration, selection and processing of material.

Large format printing. Digital printing on roll materials (vinyl film, paper, banner fabric, mesh). It is used to form a color image on posters, banners and other three-dimensional elements of outdoor advertising.

Cutting and engraving on an engraving machine. High-quality laser cutting of MDF, PVC and chipboard is used for the manufacture of exclusive decorative products for various purposes. Laser-cut elements have a darkened edge, which can be used as a decorative effect to emphasize the contours of the product. If necessary, after cutting, the product can be painted in the desired color.

Printing products. Operational production of booklets, invitations, postcards and business cards in corporate style. Thanks to modern equipment, we can quickly execute printing orders of any volume and complexity.

The services provided are performed on professional equipment from world brands such as INFINITY and ARTISMAN, which is a guarantee of the quality of the processed products. Departure to the place of installation of advertising media is carried out by a highly qualified installation team.

For regular customers of EXPO DESIGN STUDIO LLC, a system of flexible discounts is provided!

LLC "EXPO DESIGN STUDIO" st. Amir Temur 107, tel.: +998 97 440-30-40 e-mail: eds_uz@mail.ru

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