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    Dear Visitor!

    Thank you for your interest in the exhibition! In order to make the most of your visit to the exhibition, we recommend that you plan your work well in advance.

    To attend the event, the visitor needs:

    In advance, review the subject of the exhibition and the profile of exhibitors. On the website of the exhibition you can find detailed information about the participants and the plan of the exposition. If this information is not available, please contact the organizers.

    In advance, review with the event plan for the exhibition. Select the activities that are of greatest interest to you. Plan your time in such a way that it is enough to work on the stands, and on the business program.

    Assign business meetings at the exhibition in advance. The appointment service Match Meeting makes it possible to get acquainted with the list of exhibitors and visitors of the exhibition before the beginning of the exhibition and in online mode to appoint business meetings with companies of interest to you and agree on a negotiation agenda.

    You can use this service on the website of the exhibition.

    In advance, see the scheme of travel to the exhibition. Choose the most convenient route for you.

    In advance, review the infrastructure of the UzExpoCentre. Find out where you can park your car, use a photocopier, fax, access the Internet, order interpreter services, print printing products, etc. This will make you feel confident and quickly solve your problems.

    Use the catalog and guide of the exhibition. The exhibition catalog, as a rule, contains an alphabetical list, a detailed description of the activity profile and contact details of exhibitors.

    In the guide you will find an exposition plan indicating the location of the stands and the program of the exhibition events.

    Use the exhibition as a convenient venue not only with exhibitors, but also with your customers, partners and colleagues. You can schedule a meeting in the Business Center - a specially equipped business area located at the exhibition. In addition, the UzExpoCentre has convenient cafes and restaurants.

    Please, review the rules of attendance of events and the procedure for registering visitors for events organized by JSC NEC UzExpoCentre.

    Additional advices:

    • In order not to miss the exhibition, include dates of it in your calendar.
    • Pre-book a hotel room and an air or railway ticket if you visit an exhibition in another city.
    • Set clear goals for your visit to the exhibition and draw up a plan for your work.
    • Decide what tasks you decide, what you are looking for, what you need to do first, and so on.
    • Take a large number of your business cards to the exhibition.
    • After visiting the exhibition, pay special attention to the processing and analysis of the received data and the maintenance of established contacts.

    Please contact the organizers of the exhibition if you have any questions. You will be helped to find the company you are interested in, tell you how to get to the necessary stand or place of the event.

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