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    In connection with the growing interest in exhibition events in the republic, the number of exhibitors is inevitably growing, which is reflected in the dynamics of their development and potential. In addition to directly organizing and holding the event, it also becomes important to create a video for the target audience. Along with this, the demand for reporting on exhibitions is growing, which is an important factor in the formation of the company's business image, attracting the attention of business circles and other communities in the country and the world.

    Today, it became urgent to have a unique video report about the past exhibitions for the purpose of further placement in the network, broadcasting on TV, distribution among investors and additional attraction of attention of others. The uniqueness of the video report is the content of exclusive information: interviews with the first persons of the company, information about the company's activities and development, the products or services provided, large-scale shooting of pavilions with all participants, etc. NEC UzExpoCentre provides a full range of services for creating a video report on the exhibition/fair, including:

    Professional photo and video shooting. Participation of a qualified operator / photographer with professional equipment allows to obtain high quality video and focus on the key points of the exhibition.

    Installation of video material. At the request of the customer there is an opportunity to carry out the professional installation of the video report in a previously prepared video. Thus, your video report will acquire the status of a multimedia presentation.

    Placement on the site. At the request of the customer, a video report can be posted on the website of the UzExpoCentre.

    When ordering a photo / video of an exhibition, it is necessary to determine in advance for what purposes it is being implemented. You can order photos from us before the exhibition, that is, a corporate photo shoot to form booklets, which the participating companies usually distribute to visitors. Photo report is also needed for posting on the site of exhibitors, and individual images can be used for printing in the catalog. Video shooting prior to the exhibition is necessary for the installation of a video broadcast during the event.

    We have:

    • Low price, high quality
    • Possibility of placement as a promo video (one of the most popular areas on the media market)
    • Reporting to investors or sponsors on the work done
    • Presentation for employees to enhance corporate image
    • Presentation for partners in order to raise the status of the company.

    We have extensive experience working with clients - we know what companies need to maintain their image. You will be able to clearly demonstrate the results of your work, by means of high-quality footage and mounted video material.


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