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    Technical safety requirements for construction companies

    1. The developer must identify the responsible person from the installation team and provide his contacts.
    2. The developer is obliged to provide UzExpoCentre with the consent for compliance with the norms of TB, PPB and sanitation plans of stands and specification of materials used in the construction of exhibition stands, as well as all information about the stand being built (stand plans, wiring, fittings to farms, if there is any) 7 days prior to the beginning of the exhibition mounting.
    3. The developer must provide a list and copies of the passports of workers (installers) 10 days before the booth is assembled to obtain permits for work in the pavilion.
    4. In case the installation of the stand requires the process of staining (by spraying), it is necessary to close the place of work with a film.
    5. Inside the pavilion it is forbidden to cut particleboard, chipboard, MDF and gypsum boards.
    6. Do not obstruct passages. To conduct assembly works, UzExpoCentre provides the developer with an additional area of up to 50% of the built-up area.
    7. It is forbidden to use gas and electric welding, combustible and toxic materials inside the pavilion.
    8. It is prohibited to use the Bulgarian.
    9. Only the electricians of the UzExpoCentre have the right to connect the electrical part to the power supply network.
    10. When installing at height, use safety measures.
    11. In the event that the installation of the stand requires attachment to the high-rise pavilion farms, the mounting work of the UzExpoCentre may only be carried out by prior request.
    12. In the period of installation work, the specialists of the developer, who are in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, are not allowed to perform assembly work. Smoking in the pavilion and premises is prohibited. For violation of this clause a fine of 10 minimum salaries is imposed. When evading payment, developers are deprived of accreditation.
    13. The developer using the inventory of UzExpoCentre should pay according to the standards.
    14. When decorating a standard stand by a developer, a quality oracle (self-adhesive film) should be used, leaving no traces of glue and impurities on the exhibition equipment.
    15. The developer is fully liable for damage to the property of UzExpoCentre and other exhibitors.
    16. In case of failure to comply with the above, or other elementary safety rules, UzExpoCentre (having previously agreed with the organizers) has the right to suspend the installation until the violations are rectified.
    17. The developer undertakes to import the stand elements into the territory of the UzExpoCentre in the agreed time for the beginning of the installation and take out no later than 3 days of the last day of dismantling, as well as to release and bring to the original condition the provided exhibition spaces in the established time.
    18. The developer undertakes to reimburse to UzExpoCentre all losses that may arise as a direct fault of the Developer.
    19. The Developer undertakes not to transfer the rights and obligations of the Developer to third parties without the written consent of UzExpoCentre.
    20. Participants who ordered a closed unequipped exhibition area from the Organizer are not entitled to use standard exhibition equipment (the type of "Okta Norm" and "Maxima") as elements of individual stands without agreement with UzExpoCentre and the Organizer.
    21. The developer undertakes to lease the bench equipment in its pure form (without gluing an oracle, sticker, tape), otherwise, a fine of 5 euros per 1 sq.
    22. The developer is responsible for the improper use of exhibition space, property, and oversees compliance with technical safety requirements.
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