Children's Park "Tashkent land"

Children's Park "Tashkent land" is a magical country that gives children joy, and adults the opportunity to feel like children. The park has the most modern and safe attractions, where not only kids but also teenagers can ride, as well as their parents. Enter the land of miracles through the fabulous fortress gates and plunge into an atmosphere of joy, carefree and exciting mystery, what could be better?!


Ask anyone about what is an integral part of the children's park and, of course, the answer is one: "Ka-rou-sel!". The painted carousel, like in the good old days, swaying, turns around in a circle luxurious carriages, lions, horses, elephants, as well as other representatives of wildlife.

Wave (Waikiki Wave)

Do you want to feel the condition of the person on the deck of an unguided ship during the 9-ball storm? Dare, and the platform, rotating according to a special program, will take you to the raging sea.


A huge octopus in the center of the park will allow you to experience hitherto unknown feelings, rotating you with your huge tentacles at once in three planes.

Sky flyer

This attraction will give you the opportunity to test your fitness for flights into space, to find out what is the state of weightlessness and what is the force of gravity of the earth.


Speed ​​rollercoaster on the figure track is not an exercise for the faint-hearted people. Experience, at least once in a lifetime, these incomparable moments and all the fuss of everyday life will seem to you to be such nonsense.

Ferris wheel

Slowly climbing to the highest point of the Ferris wheel at a height of 24 m, you can enjoy the views of the enchanting landscape of the old park, which enliven the numerous spectacular attractions that are spectacular from above, encompass the streets of the city adjacent to the park, and even dreamily observe the silhouettes of distant and enticing snow- mountain ranges.

African tour

A boat ride along the riverbed will give you the opportunity to experience the coolness of an artificial waterfall and all the delights of wildlife, including face to face meetings with huge rhinoceroses; crocodiles, revealing a frightening jaw right in front of the side of your boat; leopard, preparing to jump from the tree branch above your heads; hippos suddenly popping up from the water; elephants bathing the whole family in shallow water; lions, unperturbably cutting the victim right before your eyes.

Medieval castle of horrors

Attraction, where light and sound effects are used successfully unless you slightly irritate your nerves with an unexpected appearance from the darkness .... What do you think? You can come and see.

Cost of services:

Entrance of children up to 3 years - free
Child ticket from 3 to 12 years - 20 000 sum

 Adult`s ticket  - 35 000 sum

Time of stay - 3 hours

The form of payment is any.

Address: 107 Amir Timur Street

Phone: +998 (71) 233 5623

Working hour of Park: с 10.00 до 21.00
Working hour of cash-desk: с 10.00 до 19.00

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