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    Cable car

    A walk on the cable car is one of the most exciting and at the same time romantic ways to spend leisure time. Most often this type of transport connects mountain ranges, banks of rivers, canyons and other complex natural massifs, which is a guarantee of a spectacular landscape, but at the same time implies remoteness from the urban massif. The guests of NEC "UzExpoCentre" have a unique opportunity to visit the cable car and enjoy the view without leaving Tashkent.

    The opportunity to break away from the earth at all times captivated the hearts of people and gave an unforgettable feeling of free flight. Suspension cable car is one of the least extreme and comfortable ways to spend time at bird's eye height. The length of the ropeway route in NEC "UzExpoCentre" is one and a half kilometer, which is about 20 minutes of walking time, during which you can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

    A beautiful landscape is exactly what you should decide to visit the cable car. Normal, at first glance, the landscape is completely transformed after the cabin rises to a walking height. The route of the cable car passes over the century-old trees of the Japanese Garden, the Aqua park pools, the attractions of Tashkent land and other attractions of the entertainment center. Also, you can view the nearby neighborhoods of the capital, the view from which opens from the walk-in cabin.

    A walk on the cable car is a romance of solitude, which is especially appreciated by couples in love. The internal space of the walking cabins is ideally suited for paired walks. The suspension cable car in NEC "UzExpoCentre" consists of 34 cabins, each of which can simultaneously accommodate two adults and one child.


    Adult ticket - 8 000 sums

    Child ticket - 4 000 sums

    Child ticket from 3 to 12 years, up to 3 years - free of charge

    Walking time - 20 minutes

    The form of payment is any.


    Address: 107 Amir Timur Street

    Phone: +998 (71) 233 5623

    Opening hours: from 10:00

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