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    Information about JSC NEC "UzExpoCentre"

    The "main" exhibition of independent Uzbekistan - NEC "UzExpoCentre" Committee on investments of the Republic of Uzbekistan is known in many countries of the world. His participation in a number of major international exhibitions and fairs marked by numerous awards.

    At the end of 1992, in accordance with the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the republican complex of international trade objects was established, which included the RTEC (Republican Trade and Exhibition Center) UzExpoCentre.

    On April 18, 2005, RTEC UzExpoCentre was transformed into the Open Joint-Stock Company National Exhibition Company UzExpoCentre in the structure of the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of Investments and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

    UzExpoCentre’s activities are primarily aimed at developing and deepening trade and economic ties between independent Uzbekistan and foreign countries, attracting foreign investment in the country's economy, and promoting the development of the country's export potential.

    Exhibition halls with the area from 1000 to 3000 square meters, as well as modern exhibition equipment allow to deploy any expositions in the pavilions of UzExpoCentre.

    The total closed exhibition area of ​​the pavilions is more than 14 000 sq., open observation platforms - about 7 000 sq.


    Pavilion #1

    4 892 m²

    Big hall

    2 712 m²

    Atrium #1

    1 250 (864) m²

    Conference hall

    930 m²

    Pavilion #2

    3 052 m²

    Pavilion #3

    2 664 m²

    Pavilion #4

    2 832 m²

    Pavilion #5

    1 000 m²

    Pavilion #6

    800 m²

    Atrium #2

    1  260 m²



    Capital UzExpoCentre is changing with the times and every day becomes more attractive and multifunctional.

    More than 70 exhibitions are annually held in the pavilions of UzExpoCentre, mainly international, in which more than 3,000 foreign companies from 40 countries of the world take part.

    If in the period of 1993 - 1996 years 3 or 4 major international exhibitions were held annually, now their number exceeds 70. Among them, such as the Uzbek International Cotton Fair, "Uzbekistan AGROMINITECH EXPO", AGROMASH EXPO, International Fruit and Vegetable Fair, Fair of Innovations and others, International Exhibition

    "Oil and Gas of Uzbekistan - OGU". During the existence of UzExpoCentre exhibitions were held in Italy, Moldova, Poland, Iran, Czech Republic, Slovakia, India, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and other countries.

    In addition, in the pavilions of the UzExpoCentre, international exhibitions are organized on an annual basis, organized jointly with foreign and domestic exhibition partners, including jointly with ITE Exhibitions & Conferences Ltd. (Great Britain) and FE "ITE Uzbekistan":

    • UZBUILD (Building and Interior, Heating and Ventilation)
    • MEBELEXPO UZBEKISTAN (Furniture, manufacturing technologies, interior and design)
    • WORLD FOOD UZBEKISTAN (Food Industry)
    • AGRO WORLD UZBEKISTAN (Agriculture)
    • TIHE (Health)
    • APTEKA EXPO (Pharmaceutical Industry)
    • Stomatology Uzbekistan (Stomatology)
    • OGU (Oil and Gas)
    • CAITME (Textile equipment)
    • TEXTILE EXPO UZBEKISTAN (Textiles and Fashion)

    In cooperation with IEG:

    • "Uzbekistan Energy Week" is a specialized exhibition of electrical equipment for power engineering, electrical engineering and electronics, energy and resource-saving technologies, renewable energy technologies.

    Together with TNT Expo:

    • Beauty Expo Uzbekistan (Beauty Industry)
    • Medical exhibition
    • Food Week Uzbekistan (Food Industry)
    • AgriTek Uzbekistan (Agricultural)

    Being the main organizer of national and specialized (stand-alone) stands at exhibitions and fairs abroad UzExpoCentre JSC provided worthy participation of our country in the world exhibition forums, Astana EXPO-2017, EXPO 1993 in Taejon (South Korea), EXPO 2000 Hannover (Germany), EXPO 2005 Aichi Prefecture (Japan), Expo 2010 Shanghai (PRC), EXPO 2015 Milan (Italy).

    Since 1993, more than 500 participation of the Republic of Uzbekistan in World and international industry exhibitions has been organized, as well as a number of presentations of export and investment potential, including in such countries as Kazakhstan, Moldova, USA, Malaysia, Russia, China, Japan, Switzerland, the State of Kuwait, Turkmenistan.

    The services offered by UzExpoCentre specialists are a full range of activities related to the preparation and holding of exhibitions, fairs and various events.

    According to preliminary requests of participants, they are provided with exposition concepts, marketing services, production of projects, construction, equipment and design of stands, maintenance, contacts with representatives of the media.

    An important link in the exhibition activities of UzExpoCentre is working with the media - newspapers, magazines, radio, television, both central and regional. More than 50 journalists are accredited for each exhibition.

    The exhibition pavilions of UzExpoCentre are located in a convenient place for work - good access roads for expedition of exhibition cargoes, close proximity to city transport highways and comfortable hotels for living. All this attracts exhibitors and provides success to the exhibitions.

    In the territory of the center there is a hotel "EXPO", there are cafes, restaurants.

    In the cafe-restaurants: Favorite, Aqua, Bistro, Green Island, Bogi Shamol, Expo and Avrora, located in the territory of UzExpoCentre thanks to creative people who are in love with their work, offer a variety of national and European cuisine and a high-class international service.

    As a part of the UzExpoCentre, a recreation and entertainment complex, including the Aqua park, a cable car, the Tashkent Land amusement park and the Japanese Garden. On its territory from March to September, adults and children (up to 1000 people at a time) can have a wonderful rest.

    In the parks of Tashkent, guests are offered attractions from the best European manufacturers from Germany, Holland, Italy, Austria. Here, and children's carousel, "Ferris wheel", "African tour" for traveling by boat through the jungle, and for fans of thrill - the roller coaster "Boomerang" and the medieval "Castle of Horrors." For those who wish a panoramic overhead cable car.

    The purity of water in the pools of "Aqua park" meets the standards of drinking. Three powerful pumping stations provide continuous chemical and biological cleaning of it using the technology of the American firm "Culligan". And the pools for every taste - for kids and teens, "Jacuzzi" with the effect of water massage and a swimming pool that simulates a surf sea wave. On the island, in the center of "Aqua park" is a whole complex of water slides- "Kamikaze", "Toboggan" and "Silent line" - a sea of ​​pleasure for adults and children.

    Since 2001, the Japanese Garden has been operating on the territory of NEC JSC "UzExpoCentre". Ponds with Japanese lotuses, stone lanterns, a house for tea ceremonies, waterfalls - all these inalienable attributes of the Japanese garden attract and fascinate a large number of visitors.

    Residents and guests of Tashkent strive to hold business meetings and celebrations in a quiet and peaceful place near the water, away from the noisy and dusty highway.

    ©АО НВК "Узэкспоцентр" 2017